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A community-focused, multi-purpose bot for everyone.

Project Sapphire Logo created by Anna Karver

Sapphire is an interesting project to work on. I've spent the past year now doing bits & pieces for Sapphire, starting initially with just hosting the bot on my server, all the way to rewriting core functions of the bot and adding swathes of features. The bot has expanded greatly in featureset, and what it stands has been fleshed out extensively in that time as well.

Sapphire is a bot with personality. While this is not my area of expertise, the bot and it's parent community's creator Anna Karver (alongside being close personal friend of mine) knows what the community and the bot are and what they shall be. They are designed inside out to be welcoming, friendly and full of personality - Sapphire (Bot) is designed to integrate into communities similar to ours, and become a part of them in their own way, whilst enabling those communities to develop with high-quality features (that bit's my job) - the community itself is goaled with being as friendly, welcoming and "nice" as it possibly can be. But that bit isn't my job. I just make the bot work.

Throughout my time working with the bot, I have added an array of features, including RCON interactivity between the bot and servers, moderation user risk assessment, writing core parts of the bot's music capabilities, and maintaining it's database system.

For more information on Sapphire, please feel free to visit their website: https://projectsapphire.xyz

Myself & Anna (in avatar form) in the announcement video for the release of Sapphire 6

Sapphire's Logo