A picture of Oliver, sat on a low wall. Oliver Nichol
I Make Things.

Oliver's Projects

Because I wanted to make YouTube videos and what other reason do I need?

In 2021, as spring slid it's way into summer, I found that I wanted to make YouTube videos again - I had made attempts prior, and generally they hadn't gone well, becuase I didn't have anything interesting to talk about. However, at the time when I started, I realised I have several projects that I was highly dedicated to, and I believed that I could talk about those. So I setup a camera, and I began.

However, since then, the project expanded in scope - it's not just about my projects, it's about me - what I'm doing, where things are going - and the scope of a project has changed from "TalkFlare" to "my companies" and similar - I've had several guests on the show, I've made weird, wacky, serious, interesting, statement pieces - and most importantly, as I've always described it - I've made things. And I shall continue to do so.

Interested? Check out the channel.

A screnshot from one of my favourite episodes - Week 46

One of the best photos of me that exists. Damnit.

A screenshot from one of the most popular, and one of my least favourite episodes - Week 6