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Because I had to stop myself scrolling through YouTube in the morning.

Prodigy is exactly what it says on the tin. I've often found that I end up scrolling through social media in the morning immediately after checking my phone. Thus, I decided to start working on a notification suite, to try and stop this happening. It's one of my few projects I still use Unity for, as it's quick and easy to make something for android - I developed a panel for the software, that just displays all of the notifications from multiple devices in a minimalist form.

As for getting the notifications to the platform, I wrote an android app for all the endpoints, that connects to a server to store the notifications - these then use the Firebase SDK to send the notifications back down to the panel device. Screenshots of all three softwares are below.

However, this system proved inefficient - while it functioned, there were just too many small but significant issues, that resulted in me using it very little - so this project changed scope again, to be a more generalised home automation system - at current, I utilise Home Assistant with a purpose-built server and several devices to automate the process. A full description video for this project is coming soon.

Week 18 of Oliver's Projects was about Prodigy, though I would consider the project pretty effectively rebirthed into NSH.

Prodigy Endpoint

Prodigy Server

Prodigy Panel