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Escape to the internet... again.

WriteLive concept design

WriteLive followed swiftly on from my work on TalkFlare, and from my research completed for a research project required for my college work - I conducted extensive research into social media, and the fruits of that can be found in this YouTube video, and it lead me to the realisation that the internet is not what it used to be.

I personally believe that while the early purposes for the internet was simply for information, the early purposes of social media was purely escapism - I do not believe that this is currently what social media has become - instead being a place of politics and flame wars, of anger and hatred, of shock and horror. The idea of creating something purely for escapism was born.

I am nothing if not aware that creating and moderating a platform like this is a very fine line to tread - to create a platform of such a nature, it most definitely has to be moderated, and the goal of the project is to have every single post on the platform moderated by at least two people. If you moderate it too much however, it basically becomes a cult, for lack of a better comparison, being stuck in the same mindset constantly getting more and more aggressive. A very fine line to tread.

And to clarify, I don't have all the answers just yet - there are plans in place to minimise the bias in the moderation of the platform, but designs are still early. I suppose, watch this space...

Writelive is still in the very early design phase - I'll update here with more info, and any updates will also show up in Oliver's Projects.

Framework design notes

Early Designs for WriteLive

WriteLive Logo